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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Probing My Mind For The Useful Parts

At the moment, I feel like I don't really have anything to say.

Well, anything that's useful, anyways.

Things are progressing as normal. Work is happening. Life is going on.

I was originally going to post about how it feels like my life has no direction at the moment, how it seemed that outside influences were making the decisions of my life, and the events of my life, uncontrollable.
I was going to talk about ennui, and boredom, and being in something of a rut.

I was going to, but then I gave it some thought.

I realized that things just seemed that way because I'd let them get that way. I'd been taking no real active control in the things around me, and been allowing them to settle naturally where they wanted to be.

I didn't actively participate in my life. And it's been that way for a couple of months, now.

Realizing this, made everything in my life feel much better. I've taken active steps to change what I feel need changing, and put my life back in order.

This made me wonder... why is it my friend lets her life do this? I mean, I can see it in her attitude towards things, as well as the way she lives her life.

Ah, well. I can't make people's choices for them.

Nor would I want to.


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