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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wow, Have I been Busy or What?

There's been a lot of going ons in my life lately.

Strangely, I can't really seem to pin any of them down to talk about.

Next week, I've got a trip to Minnesota coming up. I'll be there for about a week or so, doing maintenance on one of the systems there. When I get back, I'll be heading to San Diego to participate in the annual Comic con. After that, I'll be heading back to Heidelberg to do some additional work there.

Fun times, huh?

I've been talking to my sister a lot more lately, and I've found it somewhat frightening that she's about to finish college. She's thinking about going to law school here in Southern California after that.

Creepy, huh?

I don't mean to say that it's wierd that my sister is doing well for herself (I mean, she's my sister, she BETTER be doing well). What I think is strange is that she's just about all grown up.

I guess, in my head, she's still the little 8 year old kid trying to take my stuff.

It's been a hell of a reminder that she's growing up, and being her own person, now.

And that, in turn, reminds me of how much things have changed since we were little.

For the better, I hope.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Finally, the end of the week cometh!

Praise be to the lord!

In other news.. I'll be heading back to Germany for some additional Training towards the end of July... and it looks like I'll be going to comic-con after all!


I love comic-con.

Yeah, so I'm a comic geek... Could be worse... I could be a politician.
Not that politicians are bad people, mind you. I just think they sit fairly low in the social order.

I just said that they're bad people in an off handed way, didn't I?

Oh well... It's not like I'm wrong, am I?

By the way.. this website isn't about me, but I found it interesting. If you've ever been in a long relationship, you know what I'm talking about.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Tumble outta bed

And stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
Yawnin', stretchin', try to come to life
Jump in the shower
And the blood starts pumpin'
Out on the streets
The traffic starts jumpin'
And folks like me on the job from 9 to 5

Workin' 9 to 5
What a way to make a livin'
Barely gettin' by
It's all takin'
And no givin'
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
It's enough to drive you
Crazy if you let it

...Sorry, was Channeling Dolly Parton for a second there.

I've been noticing that people seem to be on a much less concerned for their fellow man nowadays.

(Yeah, what rock have I been under, right?)

It's the little things that seem to be even more prevalent.

Today, I saw someone on the Freeway that was trying to get over to the right lane. Behind him, was a car that wanted to get by, but couldn't, since the slower moving truck was in the way.

So, the truck tries to go over one lane, to let the faster moving traffic pass by. It's the considerate thing to do, and would make everyone's day on the freeway go a lot better.

But he can't.

There's a car behind him and to the right, going just fast enough that the guy can't get in.

So, traffic begins to build up, and the guy on the right still doesn't see what he's doing. He just doesn't want to let the truck in ahead of him. I don't think that it was any kind of malicious intent or anything, just an example of the kind of thoughtless thing that I'm talking about. A major inconvenience was caused because one person didn't care enough about his fellow man to give him space.

Yeah, it's that sort of thing that's been bothering me lately.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


So, it's been something like 8 years or so since the last movie came out.
Here I thought that the franchise was completely dead.

I was wrong; wrong like Obi Wan!

That movie was amazing! It recreated the Bat-mythos in a way that was
completely unexpected! It brought the dead back to life (watch for the
Zombie movie tribute, by the way). The Scarecrow and Ra's were both

I'm having a Geekgasm, in case you haven't noticed.

I'm gonna have to watch this damned thing two or three more times. It's
renewed my faith in DC and the DC movies!

I just hope Superman is as good...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another Day

So, I was hanging out with my friends last night, discussing all kinds of silly little things, when we started talking about some of the historical things that have happened in Pasadena, LA, and the surrounding areas.

Kinda creepy, if you ask me.

Yeah, apparently, there was a whole lot of evil going down in the City of Angels.

And me here, without my Power Ring.

It makes you wonder about all the things that might be going on right under your nose.

I'm not talking about the day to day evils... Not the frivoulous lawsuits, nor the muggings, thefts, and outright mean things that happen. I'm talking about human sacrifice, blood rituals, and things that make you wonder: "what the heck is wrong with these people"...

More later.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And Since I Haven't Posted On It Yet...

... Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith ROCKED!

I know the acting was fairly bad...

I know the dialog was lousy in some points...

I saw the "NOOOOO!" bit...

But you know what?

I still loved it.

It triggered something in me.. like a "genetic predisposition to Star Wars" as I've seen it said elsewhere (points to whoever can say where!).

It just Felt right to me.

I especially liked the machinations and manipulations of the Emperor. The way he pulled his little strings we're both frightening and inspirational.

Not that I'm an evil overlord, mind you.

The fall of Skywalker to the Dark Side is what sealed the deal for me.

The way the whole movie worked to bring us to the final moment of betrayal and disfigurement felt complete. It redeemed the first two episodes in my mind. It made the trilogy whole. Looking back on it, I know find it wierd to look at any of the three movies without taking into consideration the other two.

Yeah, I loved the film.

It FELT like Star Wars.

Wow, I've Been Lazy..

There's been a few things that have happened since the last time that I've posted here.
Most of it was forgettable, but there probably things I would've posted about them anyways.. Ah, well, oppotunity wasted, and whatnot.

I actually had another post ready and waiting for posting, but I'd forgotten to do it. With all the things that have happened at work and home, I'm not surprised that it slipped my mind.

Well, I wrote it, so I might as well post it... keep in mind that this thing is over a month old now.

Oh. And I'm back home now, by the way.


Ok, so, now I'm in South Carolina working at USC (that's the University of South Carolina, for all you wisecracks out there). It's in the South (yeah, capital S), and you'd think that all of those little cliches were true (well, you would if you lived on the West Coast all of your life, and watched as much TV as I have).

Strangely enough, I haven't yet seen one Confederate Flag. Nor has anyone refered to me as "boy". And, no, I haven't even heard that much of an accent.

So TV lied to me.

Ah, well, that's another childhood illusion shattered by the Steel Forged Hammer of Reality.

In case you're wondering, the people out here are pretty cool. Real easy going. It's a nice change of pace from the hectic rat race that is living in Southern Cali.

Although I do feel like I've been here way too long.

It isn't as if this place has not flaws. There are many, although they relate more to inconvenience than anything else.

For one thing, I'm staying at a Holiday Inn that's practically on the University Campus. You would think that would afford me some sort of convenience. You would think that, this being the largest university in the are, that there would be grocery stores, or a drug store somewhere within walking distance of the campus.

You would think that.

The only things near the campus are some gas stations, a cheap 7/11 ripoff, and a Wendys (where it's a 15 to 20 minute wait until you get to the serving counter).

So I've been eating Junk Food and Pizza for the better part of the month.

You know, if you had told me 16 years ago that I'd eat nothing but Pizza, Chips, and assorted junk for 3 weeks, I would've been happy.

Somehow, it no longer appeals.

Hell, I'd like to get some more exercise too.

Oh, well, I'll try to keep this updated more often. I've been really busy lately."

I've changed my opinion of the place since I've come back. The people were great...

...if you didn't have to work with them.

I hate to say it, but the people at the laboratory at the University of South Carolina are some of the laziest, most irresponsible, and rude people that I've EVER had the misfortune of working with.


Felt good to get that off my chest.

OK, I'm reorganizing my life now, in all ways possible, so expect to see more here as I figure out what's Important to me and what's Not.

(and to the person or persons reading this that Know Who They Are: You're Very Very important to me)

Secret messages to certain parties are fun!