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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Fourteenth of February

It occurs to me that I should probably post something about the fact that it's Valentine's Day today. I mean, it IS a holiday, so I should at least recognize the fact that it's being celebrated all around me. To do otherwise would be extraordinarily self centered.

But then isn't posting something about how un-self centered I'm being in noticing other people being somewhat self-centered?

Ah, well, I digress.

To those out there who I want to hear it. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you and couldn't live my life (no matter how good it is) without you. You know who you are.

To anyone else, (of the female persuasion, of course) who might be feeling lonely, Happy Valentine's Day to you too. From a total stranger, who nevertheless feels that no one should be lonely today.

Don't worry, there's someone for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. You'll find that person.

It just takes time. And luck.

And, lucky me, I found the Jackpot.


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